6 Least Favorite Osrsguessers

Welcome fellow Old School RuneScape enthusiasts! Today, we’re delving into the world of Osrsguessers, those mysterious individuals who attempt to predict your favorite game’s content updates. While some of these guessers have become beloved members of the community, there are a few who have left a less than favorable impression on our fellow adventurers. So grab your armor and potions as we uncover the top 6 Least Favorite Osrsguesser and explore why they’ve earned such ire from their peers. Stick around till the end because we’ll also reveal what they can do to turn their reputation around! Let’s dive in and discover which Osrsguessers have missed the mark with their predictions, shall we?

The Top 6 Least Favorite Osrsguessers

1. Skillers Gone Wrong:

One of the least favorite Osrsguesser among the community are those who claim to be skilled in a particular aspect of the game, but consistently miss the mark with their predictions. Whether it’s anticipating new quests or upcoming skill updates, these guessers often fall short in delivering accurate information. Their lack of credibility has left many players feeling frustrated and disappointed.

2. Pkers Who Missed Their Mark:

Another group that has garnered a fair share of disdain from players is the Pkers turned guessers. While their expertise lies in player-versus-player combat, when it comes to predicting game content, they seem to be way off target. Perhaps it’s their focus on battling other players that distracts them from accurately foreseeing what lies ahead for our beloved game.

3. Scammers Turned Guessers:

It’s no surprise that scammers don’t have the best reputation within any gaming community, and this holds true for Osrsguessers as well. Some individuals known for their scamming tactics have tried to reinvent themselves as guessers, claiming insider knowledge about forthcoming updates or events. However, given their dishonest pasts, many remain skeptical of their predictions and are hesitant to trust anything they say.

4. The Clickbait Conundrum:

Ah yes, clickbait – an annoyance we all know too well! Unfortunately, some Osrsguessers resort to using sensationalized titles and thumbnails just to attract attention without any real substance behind their claims. These individuals prioritize generating views over providing accurate information which comes at a cost – eroding trust within the community.

5. The Overconfident Few:

Confidence is key in many aspects of life; however, there can sometimes be too much of a good thing! Within our list of least favorite Osrsguessers reside those who exude an air of unwarranted confidence when making predictions about game updates. Their bold claims and unwavering certainty often lead to disappointment when

Why They’re So Unpopular Osrsguessers

Osrsguessers, those individuals who try to predict the outcome of Old School RuneScape events, are not always met with open arms by the community. However, there are a select few who have managed to gain quite an unfavorable reputation among players.

One reason why some Osrsguessers may be unpopular is their lack of accuracy. Nothing frustrates players more than getting their hopes up for something that ends up being way off the mark. It’s understandable that predictions can never be 100% accurate, but consistently incorrect guesses can really put a dent in trust and credibility.

Another factor contributing to their unpopularity is a sense of arrogance displayed by certain Osrsguessers. Some individuals seem to think they know it all and disregard any input or alternative theories from other players. This dismissive attitude can rub people the wrong way and make them less inclined to support or engage with these guessers.

Additionally, there are those Osrsguessers who resort to clickbait tactics just for attention or views on their platforms. Their misleading titles and exaggerated claims only serve to disappoint and annoy viewers who were hoping for genuine insights or helpful information.

Furthermore, some Osrsguessers have been known to exploit insider knowledge or leaks for personal gain. This unethical behavior not only tarnishes their own reputations but also undermines the integrity of the game itself.

There are instances when certain guessers stoop so low as to harass or bully others within the community who disagree with them or challenge their predictions. This toxic behavior creates a hostile atmosphere within the player base and further alienates these unpopular figures.

In order for these unpopular Osrsguesser to improve their image among players, they need to focus on building trust through transparency and accuracy in their predictions. It would also help if they showed humility instead of arrogance when engaging with others in discussions about upcoming events.

While not all Osrsguessers are unpopular, there are certainly some who have managed to earn

What They Can Do to Improve Their Image

What can these least favorite Osrsguessers do to turn things around and improve their image within the community?

It’s important for them to be more transparent and honest in their interactions. This means providing accurate information and not misleading or deceiving others. Building trust is crucial if they want to regain respect from the community.

They should focus on improving their skills and knowledge of Old School RuneScape (OSRS). By showcasing their expertise through informative content or helpful guides, they can demonstrate that they are more than just guessers. This will help establish them as valuable contributors to the community.

Additionally, engaging with the community in a positive manner is essential. Participating in discussions, offering assistance, and being respectful towards others will go a long way in repairing any negative perceptions.

Moreover, taking responsibility for past mistakes is crucial for redemption. Acknowledging any wrongdoings publicly can show genuine remorse and a commitment to change for the better.

Collaborating with reputable members of the OSRS community can also help rebuild credibility. By aligning themselves with trusted individuals who have a strong following and positive reputation, these guessers may gain some much-needed support.

Improving one’s image takes time and effort but is definitely possible with dedication and genuine actions. These suggestions serve as starting points for these least favorite Osrsguesser looking to transform how they are viewed by others in this vibrant gaming community.

How the Community Feels About Them

When it comes to the least favorite Osrsguesser, the community has mixed feelings. Some players are frustrated with their tactics, while others simply find them annoying. But one thing is for sure – they don’t have a strong fan base.

Skillers often bear the brunt of criticism from the community. Many players feel that skillers lack excitement and adventure, focusing solely on leveling up their skills without engaging in other aspects of the game. This can lead to boredom and frustration among fellow players who enjoy more action-packed gameplay.

Pkers also receive their fair share of negativity from the community. Their constant desire to attack and kill other players can be seen as disruptive and unfair by those who prefer a more peaceful gaming experience. Pkers are often viewed as aggressive and even malicious, which doesn’t earn them many points in terms of popularity.

Scammers, perhaps unsurprisingly, are universally disliked by almost everyone in the community. These individuals prey on unsuspecting players by promising great rewards or rare items in exchange for personal information or valuable assets within the game. The harm caused by scammers not only tarnishes their own reputation but also undermines trust within the entire player base.

While there may be some animosity towards these unpopular Osrsguessers, it’s important to remember that opinions can vary greatly within any large gaming community like Old School RuneScape (OSRS). Some players may still find value or entertainment in interacting with these individuals despite their negative traits.


Skillers are a unique breed of Osrsguesser, focusing their efforts on leveling up non-combat skills in the game. These players dedicate countless hours to perfecting their craft and achieving impressive milestones. While some admire their dedication and attention to detail, others find skillers to be somewhat tedious.

What sets skillers apart is their refusal to engage in combat. Instead, they prefer the solitary pursuit of gathering resources, crafting items, or completing various tasks that don’t involve battling monsters or other players. This playstyle can be seen as monotonous by those seeking more action-packed gameplay.

However, it’s important not to overlook the value that skillers bring to the OSRS community. Their meticulous approach often results in them becoming experts at specific skills like cooking, fishing, or woodcutting. They have an incredible wealth of knowledge when it comes to optimizing XP rates and finding efficient training methods.

Some critics argue that skiller gameplay lacks excitement since it doesn’t involve player-versus-player combat or high-stakes challenges. However, for many skillers, the joy lies in setting personal goals and achieving them through patience and perseverance.

Despite differing opinions within the community about skillers’ playstyle preferences, there is no denying that they contribute significantly to OSRS’s economy by supplying valuable resources crafted from non-combat skills.

In conclusion (as per instructions), even though not everyone may appreciate what skillers bring to the table compared with other Osrsguesser types like Pkers or Scammers (which will also be discussed later), it’s important to recognize their hard work and dedication towards mastering these non-combat skills. Skillers provide a different perspective on gameplay while contributing vital resources needed by other players throughout Gielinor


Pkers, or player killers, are one of the least favorite types of Osrsguessers in the community. These individuals thrive on hunting down and attacking unsuspecting players in order to take their valuable items. Their ruthless nature and lack of respect for others make them highly unpopular among the majority of players.

Pkers are often seen as disruptors in the peaceful world of Old School RuneScape (OSRS). They roam around popular areas like PvP worlds or wilderness zones, waiting for an opportunity to strike. Their goal is to catch other players off guard and quickly eliminate them before looting their belongings.

The frustration caused by pkers stems from both their aggressive behavior and the potential loss that victims may experience. Imagine spending hours grinding for rare loot only to have it snatched away by a pker within seconds! It’s no wonder why many players dislike this type of Osrsguesser.

To improve their image, pkers should consider showing more empathy towards others’ virtual experiences. While they enjoy the thrill of combat, it’s essential not to ruin someone else’s gameplay entirely. Perhaps participating in organized PvP events or engaging with willing opponents would be a better approach rather than ambushing unsuspecting adventurers.

Despite being disliked by many, there are some members within the community who appreciate pkers’ presence as it adds an element of danger and excitement to the game. For these individuals, encountering a skilled pker can provide a thrilling challenge or even lead to forming alliances against common enemies.

While pkers may not be everyone’s cup of tea due to their disruptive nature and penchant for causing grief, they play an important role in creating dynamic gameplay experiences within OSRS. By finding ways to balance aggression with consideration for others’ enjoyment, pkers can begin rebuilding trust and improving their reputation among fellow gamers.


Scammers – the bane of every player’s existence in the world of OSRS. These individuals have perfected the art of deceit, preying on unsuspecting players who are simply trying to enjoy their gaming experience. They employ a variety of tactics to trick others into giving up their hard-earned gold or valuable items.

One common scam is the “doubling money” scheme, where scammers promise to double your wealth if you trade it with them. Of course, once they receive your items or gold, they promptly log out and vanish into thin air.

Another popular scam involves fake giveaways or competitions that require players to enter personal information or download suspicious software. These scams not only put your account at risk but also compromise your online safety.

What makes scammers so despised by the community is their complete disregard for fair play and integrity. They exploit trust and manipulate others for personal gain without any remorse.

To improve their image (though many would argue it’s beyond repair), scammers should reconsider their actions and think about how they are negatively impacting other players’ experiences. Instead, they could redirect their energy towards more positive endeavors within the game – such as helping newbies or organizing community events.

Scammers remain one of the least favorite types of OSRSGuessers due to their dishonesty and harmful impact on other players. It’s crucial for all gamers to stay vigilant and educate themselves about common scams in order to protect themselves from falling victim to these cunning individuals.


In this article, we have explored the world of Osrsguesser and discovered the top 6 least favorite ones. These individuals have gained a negative reputation within the community for various reasons such as scamming, PKing, and lacking skills.

It is important to note that while these Osrsguessers may not be favored by many, they still play a role in shaping and contributing to the overall dynamics of the game. However, there are certain actions they can take to improve their image and gain more acceptance from players.

Skillers who focus solely on leveling up their non-combat skills should consider engaging with other aspects of the game as well. By participating in combat activities or joining group events, they can showcase their dedication and passion beyond just grinding levels.

Pkers need to approach player-killing with more sportsmanship and respect towards fellow gamers. Instead of targeting unsuspecting low-level players or griefing others for personal gain, they could adopt fairer tactics or engage in honorable duels where both sides agree to fight.

As for scammers, it is crucial that they understand the harm caused by dishonest practices. By refraining from deceptive behavior and embracing ethical gameplay, they can regain trust from the community and rebuild their tarnished reputation.

It’s essential for all Osrsguesser to remember that RuneScape is a vibrant online community built on cooperation and camaraderie. Respectful interactions with fellow players go a long way in fostering an enjoyable gaming experience for everyone involved.

While these least favorite Osrsguessers may face criticism from some members of the community due to their actions or behaviors,
it’s worth noting that opinions can change over time if efforts are made towards personal growth and positive change.

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